About Us

Who are we? In a nutshell, we're ink-loving tattoo modification technicians specialising in fade outs for cover ups.

What sets us apart from all the otherĀ laser clinics in Sydney? Well for starters, we work hand-in-hand with Sydney's top tattooers, modifying your existing ink to their exact specifications to clear the way for your new artwork. When it comes to tattoo modification, we are totally guided by your artist - we remove only what's needed, ensuring that you never pay for treatments you don't need and that you get back in their chair for your new tattoo as fast as possible.

And with after-hours and weekend appointments in 2 convenient locations, we can book you in when it suits you most - so you never have to worry about taking time off work or trying to squeeze a session into your lunch break.

It's safe to say that we're as passionate about tattoos as you are - we love great body art and there's nothing we love more after fading your pre-loved tattoo than seeing the end result of a fantastic cover up done by one of our awesome 'partners in ink'.

Last, but by no means least is our dedication to excellence. We're sticklers for cleanliness and quality of care, employing the strictest hygiene standards and safety protocols - and this is something we refuse to compromise on. Your health, your skin and your safety are our top priority. End of story.

"We pride ourselves on being a cut above every other tattoo removal clinic - and we're committed to delivering a standard of care and an end result that will exceed all of your expectations. Contact us now so we can show you how easy and effortless removing your unwanted ink can be."