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Are you ready to fade, modify or completely remove your tattoo?

Our combined laser/LED treatment removes your unwanted ink with FEWER treatments & FASTER results!

​If you have ...

- a bad tattoo that you just can't stand anymore

- a permanent reminder of an ex want to forget

- an old (or new) tattoo that just isn't YOU anymore

... then we're here to help.

Because at Unwanted Ink we specialise in all kinds of tattoo alteration, including fading prior to cover-ups, modifications for tattoo 'facelifts' and re-working and full removals.

Click a button below to book your free consult at one of our convenient locations


Your initial appointment is a comprehensive FREE consultation with one of our tattoo removal specialists. This consultation comprises a health, skin and tattoo analysis and determines the best course of action to achieve the results you want in the fastest possible time. You will also receive a full, personalised quote based on your specific needs and tattoo size, and advice on how to prepare your skin for the treatment to get the best results.

Plus, if you're looking to fade your tattoo to make way for a cover up, we will work directly with your artist to make sure we're only ever lasering exactly what you need gone. That means you'll NEVER pay for more laser than you need.

And as long as there are no clinical reasons that would prevent it, in most cases we can start your treatment straight away.

Want to Know How It Works?

In simple terms, the laser system radiates light of specific wavelengths in high-peak, ultra-short nanosecond energy pulses and shatters the ink particles of the tattoo. The tiny particle fragments are then absorbed by phagocytes and eliminated by your lymphatic system. Click here to see more results in our gallery.

The effectiveness of the removal/modification process depends on many elements, including your skin tone, the colour, depth and thickness of the tattoo, your general level of health, your diet, whether you smoke, and even where your tattoo is.

And of course, effective and safe tattoo removal depends on having the right equipment – at Unwanted Ink Laser Tattoo Removal, we use the latest Spectrum Q-switched Nd:YAG Tattoo Removal Laser System, which has been proven, tested and delivering results in tattoo removal for almost 20 years. (Want more technical details? Check out our FAQs here)

Complimentary LED Phototherapy

Directly after your laser session you will receive an LED Accelerated Healing Phototherapy treatment. Unlike other clinics that charge separately for this service (at a cost of between $60-$100 per session) we provide LED as part of our standard laser treatment service, saving you hundreds of dollars on your overall tattoo removal process and giving you access to the gold standard in accelerated healing technology.